Understanding the WA Companion Card: Eligibility, Savings, Benefits, and More

The Western Australia Companion Card (WA Companion Card) is a fantastic resource designed to facilitate the inclusion of individuals with significant and permanent disabilities in community activities and events. This card enables people with a disability, who require attendant care support, to participate in activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion. Here’s what you need to know


Eligibility for the WA Companion Card is determined based on several key factors. The applicant must:

  1. Be a permanent resident of Western Australia.
  2. Have a significant, permanent disability.
  3. Be unable to access most community facilities or participate in community activities without attendant care support.
  4. Require attendant care support from a companion.

It’s important to note that the need for attendant care support must be life-long and not due to temporary impairments or those likely to improve over time.


The major advantage of the Companion Card is the savings it offers to cardholders. Participating businesses and organizations will issue the cardholder with a second ticket for their companion at no extra charge. This applies to a vast range of activities including movie screenings, concerts, sporting events, and more.


In addition to financial savings, the Companion Card promotes social inclusion, enabling cardholders to participate in community activities which they might not have been able to access previously due to the cost of a companion’s ticket. The card can contribute to an enhanced quality of life by facilitating access to social and recreational activities.

Where can it be used?

The WA Companion Card is accepted at a growing number of businesses and organizations across Western Australia, including (but definitely not limited to):

  1. Perth Zoo: A popular spot for families and individuals alike, Perth Zoo allows Companion Cardholders to bring their attendant along free of charge.
  2. Event Cinemas: Catch the latest movies without the worry of added costs for your companion.
  3. Fremantle Arts Centre: Engage with art and culture, with your companion admitted free of charge.
  4. Rottnest Island: Explore the beautiful Rottnest Island – ferry operators accept the Companion Card.
  5. Perth Transport Authority (PTA)

The card is accepted at a wide range of other events and locations, from theatres and concert venues to sports stadiums, providing cardholders with fantastic opportunities to engage in the activities they love.

Remember to check with the business or venue before you visit, as not all venues participate in the Companion Card program.

The WA Companion Card can open a new world of social and recreational opportunities for individuals requiring attendant care support. It’s a valuable asset in promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equal access to community activities.

For further information about the card, how to apply, and a full list of participating businesses, visit the WA Companion Card website.

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