Assistive Technology Services

Assistive technology services provide individuals with disabilities access to devices and equipment that enhance their independence, mobility, and overall quality of life. Services include assessments, recommendations, and support for acquiring and using assistive technology products such as communication devices, mobility aids, and home modifications. Collaborating with NDIS participants, providers can help improve daily living and promote greater autonomy.

Furthermore, these services play a crucial role in breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive society. By enabling individuals with disabilities to participate more actively in their communities, these services contribute to a greater understanding, empathy, and support for everyone.

Some examples of assistive technology services include:

  • Assessments: Evaluating individual needs and requirements to determine the most suitable assistive technology solutions
  • Recommendations: Providing expert advice on suitable devices, equipment, and home modifications to support independence and well-being
  • Acquisition support: Assisting with the purchase, rental, or funding of assistive technology products
  • Training and education: Helping individuals learn how to use their assistive technology devices effectively and safely
  • Maintenance and repairs: Ensuring that assistive technology devices remain in optimal working condition
  • Customization: Adapting or modifying devices and equipment to better suit individual needs

Connecting You to the Right Services

At Able WA, we understand the importance of finding the right assistive technology services to support your unique needs. Our support coordinators are dedicated to helping you connect with the most suitable providers in Perth, ensuring you receive the care and assistance needed to improve your well-being.

We also recognize that navigating the world of assistive technology can be challenging. Our team at Able WA is committed to providing guidance, resources, and support throughout your journey. We’ll help you explore your options, understand your rights, and make informed decisions.

In addition to connecting you with established providers, Able WA can also assist in identifying potential funding options to cover the costs of your chosen services. Our knowledgeable support coordinators will work with you to review your NDIS plan and explore available financial assistance, ensuring you can access the services you need without unnecessary financial stress.

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If you’re seeking assistive tech services in Perth, let Able WA help you find the right support.

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    Visit the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission for more information about support coordination standards and regulations.

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